Common website errors and how to fix them?

Common website errors and how to fix them?

There can be many issues for a website. For a common environment, there may be common errors. In this documentation, we are going to discuss two common errors that can be occurred in the shared hosting websites. They are 403 error and timeout error. Let’s have a look at these issues.

What is 403 error?

The 403 error is a common error in the LiteSpeed Web Server. As you may know, our Standard Web Hosting uses the LiteSpeed Web Server. so you may encounter this error if there is any misconfiguration on your end.

The 403 is an http status code. There are various status codes for different errors. The server will return a 403 error in the following condition: when a client made a request to the server and server refuses to proceed with that request. In this case, the server understands what the request is but it is not possible to provide access to the client. It may be due to lack of authentication or privileges etc. If you are not the intended person to be served with a content, you will be replied with a 403 error.


Fixing the 403 Error

Let’s have a detailed look on this error.

The reasons for 403 error can be different. If there is a permission issue with the files or directories, you will get a 403 error. To check if there is a permission issue, you can use the cPanel File Manager. The steps to check permission using cPanel file manager ae given below.


Steps to Check permissions

1) Login to cPanel

Login to cPanel. You could login to the cPanel by appending the port to the domain name. If you are having shared hosting with us, you could directly login to the cPanel from your portal at . To access the cPanel interface using the port, you need to use ports with the domain name as shown below.

https://yourdomain.tld:2083 or


This will lead you to the cPanel login page. You could enter the username and password for the cPanel account.


2) Go to File Manager

Now, locate the File Manager under Files section and click on it to enter. The File Manager will be opened in a new tab on your browser.

Common website errors and how to fix them?


Now, in the list of files and directories, you can see their permissions also at the right end. Make sure they are set with correct permissions. Please see the below screen shot for reference.

Common website errors and how to fix them?


You could check also the permissions of the document root of your website. If it is the primary domain, the document root will be /home/user­_name/public_html.

If the permissions are correct, another reason can be Mod_security. You may be blocked by the mod_security. You can try disabling mod_security temporarily to check if it is causing the issue.


Check Mod_security

The mod_security can be enabled/disabled from cPanel. After logging into the cPanel, you can locate the mod_security under the section ‚ÄúSecurity‚ÄĚ and click on it. A screenshot is attached below for reference.

Common website errors and how to fix them?


In the next page, you can disable/enable the mod_security as shown in the screenshot below.


To disable the mod_security, you need to click on the button ‚ÄúDisable‚ÄĚ. Since disabling the mod_security is not recommended, you need to enable it if you find the issue. If the issue is fixed after disabling mod_security, it is sure that there are some mod_security rules that block you. You can contact the support with this details and enable the mod_security now. We may be able to add rules or whitelist the URL for you. mod_security is for your security and disabling it is not recommended.


The Timeout Issue

Another common error you may encounter is time out issue. You may get a timeout error when accessing the browser/server via FTP or SSH or cPanel, etc. This may be because your public IP address is blocked on the firewall.

The IP addresses can be blocked due to several reasons. One example is a misconfiguration in the email client that may result in multiple invalid login attempts. It can block your IP address and it may last till a predefined time frame. Sometimes the blocks can be permanent blocks. In this situation, you need to contact the support with your public IP address. Your public IP address can be found from . Make sure you are taking IP address from the same system that you are getting a timeout error. Once you’ve contacted us, we will check the server and whitelist the IP address if needed.


If you need any further help please contact our support department.


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