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We provide SSD Based Powerful Shared Web Hosting, with 1 Professional Email for you to get started, Starting at just RS49 or 0.75$

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You can make your Domain Forwarding process simpler, with our easy to use interface; Changes are reflected within 15 Minutes.

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We provide powerful DNS panel after your Domain Registration, which will make your NS and DNS Updating Process more Simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

Domain name is a foundation of your online business. It can be understand in simple way: If you have a shop, it is a name for your shop in online. It is an address of your shop in online. Like, You can register your own domain.

Is hosting free with domain?

You can get started with our highest quality shared hosting, starting at just RS49/Month or 0.75$/month. But, we cannot provide free hosting with domain. You can always check our offers page to check what is new and what offer is running.

Do you charge extra on domain Renual?

99.5%, our main ame is to keep our cost as same as when you are registering your domain. But, in some cases, we need to charge extra if we get increase in cost of domain from Icann.

What free things do you provide with domain registration?

We provide free privacy protection after your domain registration. Because, when you register your domain, your info gets publically available on whois websites by which, your privacy is exposed. Protection Status